Best Skipping Rope Under 500 India 2022

In This article we will Discuss about top 3 best skipping rope under 500 which will help you in different exercises.

Boldfit Skipping Rope for Men, Women & Children

Key Features

  • Adjustable Rope
  • Breathable
  • Light weight
  • Anti slip
  • Anti odor

About This Product

Comfortable Design- This Boldfit jumping Rope is Very Comfortable.This Rope has Very Soft and Comfortable Anti-slip foam handles which will help You to hold it better.

Adjustable Rope – This Skipping Rope is 9.2 ft long So You can adjust easily according to your height by cutting the Rope edge. This Rope is Suitable for all Men,Women and Kids.

PVC Embedded- This Boldfit Jumping Rope has braided Steel and the Rope is coated with PVC from very Quality Material.

Build a Perfect Body – This Skipping Rope will help you in weight loss, muscle building, increasing flexibility, Boosting Cardio Exercise, and will keeps you healthy.

Aurion Skipping-Rope Jump Skipping Rope for Men

Key Features

  • Light weighted handles
  • Comfortable grip
  • Universal Sport
  • Ergonomic design
  • Advanced meterial

About This Product

PVC Rubber Rope 

This Aurion Skipping Rope is made of high quality pvc Rubber which allows you to adjust freely according to your needs.

Ball bearing System

This Aurion Skipping Rope is different from others ropes because of its ball bearing System.The ball bearing system helps the Rope to rotate without twisting, bending and winding.

Ergonomic Handle

Ergonomically designed handle offers extra softness and comfort while using and also prevents palm sweat. 

Available in multicolored

This Aurion Skipping Rope is available in different colors as Orange, Yellow,Blue and Many other colors.

Vector X Skipping Rope (Black)

Key Features

  • Key Features
  • Freestyle skipping rope
  • Nylon material
  • Sturdy handles
  • Sporty design

About This Product

Slim non slip handle

This vector x skipping rope features non slip slim handles which resist slippage during HIIT Workout or any heavy workout.The protruding rounded portion at the end  ensures that the handle will not slip at the time of skipping 

Nylon Jumping Rope

This jumping Rope is made of nylon material which makes it durable and lasts for long time.

Easy to Store

This vector x nylon Jumping Rope is very easy to Store as it folds into a compact shape .This Product is very lightweight and easy to pack this Rope into a compact shape.

Adjustable Length

This jumping rope is adjustable and can be adjusted by unlocking the plastic lock at the end of both sides. You can adjust it by cutting the edge according to your need.

8 Important Benefits of Skipping Rope

1: It Improves Heart Health

Jumping rope is one of the best cardio exercises which  increases heart rate. This exercise will reduce the risk of heart diseases and stroke.

2: Increases Concentration

Skipping Rope is a cardio exercise and all cardio exercises  help you to Concentrate on your  goal. It  can calm your body and increase your focus.

4: Increases Stamina 

Jumping Rope will help you to boost your Energy or Stamina.The more You do this exercise regularly the more your stamina increases.Also a consistent skipping exercise can help  get rid of fatigue.

5: Increases Body Flexibility

Every Athlete prefers to do Skipping exercise because it gives great strength to the muscles and relaxes them. Regular Jumping makes your body calm and flexible.

6: Boost Mental Health

Jumping rope at a moderate intensity can reduce anxiety and depression. Exercise can increase blood circulation to your whole body and brain.

7: Decreases belly fat

Skipping Rope will help you to reduce belly fat without changing your diet.

8: Strengthening your bones

Skipping rope gives strength to your bones and increases bone density, So every kid should try skipping rope in their childhood to get a stronger bone.

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