Best treadmill Hiit workout for beginners

Treadmill Hiit Workout For Beginners and it’s Benefits on Health

Best treadmill hiit workout for beginners
Treadmill Hiit Workout

Treadmill hiit workout or  high-intensity interval training  is a great way to boost treadmill workouts. As it is called, HIIT is a workout style that involves short bursts of maximum effort followed by slower intervals to rest.

Why would you want to try HIIT ? Well, it’s an effective way to burn calories and improve your aerobic fitness. Plus, it can go a long way toward helping people injured or struggling with health conditions such as heart disease and diabetes get the cardiovascular benefits of exercise. 


So if you’ve decided to try a treadmill HIIT workout program, let’s explore the basics of what is required to achieve the results you want.

Moreover, in this article, you will learn about practical methods for weight loss on a treadmill, along with some definitions and benefits of treadmill workouts. 

What is a Treadmill HIIT workout?

Treadmill Hitt workout refers to High-Intensity Interval Training that is done on the treadmill. It involves doing intense bursts of exercise followed by rest or low-intensity intervals.

These workouts can be as short as six minutes, but they provide intense training that allows you to burn more calories in less time. From a calorie-burn perspective alone, a Treadmill HIIT workout is very effective; you can burn as many calories or more in one session as you would in a 30-minute workout. 


How? HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, promises to deliver prolonged exercise results in a short period. Performing an intense exercise, such as sprinting, for a short time makes your heart rate and breathing increase and helps build and strengthen muscles. 


Then you take breaks (or perform a low-intensity workout) to allow your body to recover before repeating this cycle of intense and less-intense exercise.

The idea is that by raising and lowering your level of exertion in intervals, you can reap the benefits — like weight loss, building lean muscle, increasing core strength, etc.


What are the significant benefits of the Treadmill HIIT workout?


Treadmill HIIT workout is an excellent cardio-based exercise to improve fat burning and muscle conditioning. Here are some significant benefits of a treadmill HIIT workout.


  • Muscle building- Muscle building is the one main benefit of this workout. Training all the muscle groups at once helps you to force that muscle to work harder and grow faster in the maximum possible way.


  • Weight loss- Treadmill HIIT workout can be one of the best tools for shedding off extra pounds because this workout is all about burning calories. Due to the high-intensity design, you will utilise for greater energy in practically half of the time than running on a flat surface, which means that in 30 minutes, you will burn more calories than in 60 minutes of running on a flat surface.


  • Develop stronger core muscles- Coordinating proper running technique with an effective run-walk program will help you improve your running form and lead you to better and improve muscle strength.This workout focuses on quick strikes and pivot skills, making the core more stable, and therefore, you can run more effortlessly.


  • Lower the chance of joint stiffness- Treadmill HIIT workout reduces joint pain and joint stiffness. It further prevents injury to the joints, making it perfect for people recovering from injuries or for people who want to maintain healthy joints.


  • Promote overall health- Apart from burning calories and losing weight. It can help you boost your mental health, sleep better at night, improve your heart health, lower your risk for diabetes, strengthen your bones, aid digestion, boost your memory power—and on and on. Hence it will give you a healthier body.


  • Other benefits- Adding high-intensity interval workouts to your treadmill training will help you lose weight faster, boost your metabolism, strengthen your heart muscle, improve cholesterol numbers, lead to blood sugar control, help you build more lean muscle tissue, improve balance, coordination, flexibility, and endurance.

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What are the things you must follow during the Treadmill HIIT workout session?

Here are a couple of guidelines that can help you to enjoy a HIIT treadmill workout session without any risks:


  • Start small- Start small and work your way up. It is far more productive to start slow and gradually work up your pace than to try and push too much at once and get discouraged. Find a good speed for you, where you can keep yourself moving but don’t feel like you’re pushing too hard.


If you are a beginner, it is advisable to start with a 10 minute HIIT session and gradually increase the time as you progress.


  • Eat before you start- Treadmill HIIT workout session is not possible doing on an empty stomach. As you will constantly be switching between intensities, it will require immense energy. So make sure that you have taken some healthy meals, which will provide you the power to last through the entire HIIT workout session.


  • Learn the basics- Before you begin your HIIT or any workout session, it is essential to understand this form of exercise. 


The improper execution of HIIT can lead to muscle strains and other injuries. But once you conquer the basics of the treadmill workout, it’ll be easy to make your variation or choose one of the many designed by professional trainers. Also, it will help you to keep your form perfect so that you don’t get injured. 


Note: Until you have a base level of skill, HIIT workouts aren’t the best thing to do unless you’re with a trainer or another experienced runner. 


  • Understand your body- Everyone’s body responds differently to HIIT exercise, so it’s crucial to understand your own. It’s important to have a baseline level of fitness before beginning a high-intensity routine. So if you’re a beginner in this new form, do yourself a favor and start running sprints on flat ground before starting any type of high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program. If you feel pain or soreness in your legs when walking upstairs or running short distances, there’s a good chance that your body isn’t ready for HIIT.


It is advisable to take some time to prepare your body for a HIIT workout. Don’t go overboard on the first day and throw in some intense Treadmill HIIT sessions!


How to do HIIT workout on a treadmill?


Ready to give it a try? Here’s how to do it.


Step 1– Set the treadmill to a flat setting and slowly increase your tempo to 2 mph. Walk for five minutes at this pace, and you’ll be warm and ready for your workout.


Step 2– Right after, run at a brisk pace of 9 to 10 miles for 30-60 seconds.


Step 3– Once you’ve finished it,  maintaining a 6 to 7 mph and walk for 1 to 2 minutes before starting another interval.


Step 4– Repeat the same for 10 to 15 minutes.


Step 5– Once you’ve finished it, go back to the original speed of 2 mph to cool down and lower your heart rate.


Now that you know the basic steps, you can start using them on the treadmill. Just remember to use the one you feel most comfortable with.

You can further customize these workouts by increasing or decreasing the speed of your treadmill.


Final verdict- HIIT workouts can be done on almost any type of cardio machine, but treadmills are a good bet because they let you make HIIT easier to perform and control on a treadmill than on a track or road.

It is also one of the simplest ways to burn fat and lose weight without requiring you to hit the gym or move out.


But of course, doing a treadmill HIIT workout isn’t free. You’ll need to invest in the best Treadmill for workout to follow this effective exercise.

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