Best Cardio HIIT Workout at Home You Must Know

Regular Practice Of Cardio HIIT Workout at home Helps You To Lead A Healthy LifeI.If you would like to lose weight fast, HIIT cardio activities might assist you.

HIIT full form – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). It is a type of cardio exercise that is practiced at high intensity for a short period of time. These are difficult workouts to be completed before a short break.

Such cardio routines are the most effective technique to lose calories in a short amount of time.


Best Cardio HIIT Workout at Home

Most of all, anyone can do cardio HIIT workout at home without any equipment. We’ve found some techniques for everyone whether you’re seeking for HIIT workouts for beginners or an HIIT expert trying to liven up your energy.

And here is what you should know before starting HIIT exercise because you can get the most from your exercise.

The Advantages of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

Whenever it relates to the HIIT, data exists on the advantages of selecting these shorter, high-intensity workouts over longer, stable cardio activities like jogging or cycling.

HIIT can improve cardiovascular health, namely oxygen utilisation, blood sugar management, and hypertension. Furthermore, getting pumped for a short period of time might help you become much more energetic and speedy.

There’s also the issue of comfort. Because HIIT exercises require you to work hard, such programmes will be faster than those for longer steady-state choices. Because of this, they are simpler to accommodate into a hectic schedule whenever you may not have a lot of time to spend working out.

How to Perform HIIT at House

Diversity is among the best cardio HIIT workout since there are thousands of alternatives for combining into a single sitting. It is also one of the most difficult. There are several different workouts to select from!

However, how can you know whether you’re putting together some kind of fresh & efficient HIIT exercise regularly, rather than just putting together a lot of random workouts? Experts recommend categorising them into groups that may be arranged to generate you an entire HIIT exercise.

You won’t be able to do all upper-body exercises. And by switching the muscles you exercise, you’ll be able to push yourself harder on each action without becoming super tired.

You should also include HIIT cardio workouts between those upper body, lower body, and core activities. It will maintain your heartbeat up & you won’t have to do this for very long.

However, doing excessively high-intensity training might hinder recuperation. That is to say, you should not perform HIIT for an hour.

Just 15 to 30 minutes HIIT workouts include your warm-up, small intervals of relaxation during exercises is the perfect balance.

Consider beginning with one to two rounds weekly on non-consecutive weekdays while conducting HIIT exercises at home. Fitness Experts recommend an active recovery day after your practise, which might include a simple, soothing exercise like jogging or yoga.

It is vital because it allows your body to heal and deal for any post-workout muscular discomfort that may come up.

How to Make Your Personal DIY HIIT Workout

As previously said, there are several HIIT exercises to choose from. Some people use leaping or plyometrics, whereas others utilize attempted core exercises, upper-body or lower-body and others put a vibrant spin on more classic workout sessions, aerobic fitness modifications like twists or hops.

Most are complex exercises, which train many different muscles to put your cardiovascular to the test.

Choose just a few workouts from many typical genres for a make-your-own HIIT gym session: cardio HIIT workouts, lower-body HIIT activities, upper-body HIIT exercises, core HIIT exercises (obviously, some overlap exists across categories) As a result, you may think of the workouts as an HIIT buffet, in which you can select whatever one’s appeals to you from any group.

Whether you’re searching for an HIIT workout for beginners, this is an excellent place to start.

Select 5 exercises in total, as detailed below, and double up on aerobic fitness activities. As an example:

2 cardio
1 core
1 lower body
1 upper body

Then consider how you will order the moves. Because you’re increasing your cardio exercise, you can begin and finish with one of those motions, and alternate among lower, upper and core workouts.

Once you’ve completed the workouts, you’ll need to consider the sequencing, or how your rest intervals will be structured. One frequent arrangement will be one minute of exercise followed by 30 seconds of relaxation, with the cycles repeated five times total.

If you are starting out, you can limit your work time & slow it down your sets rather than attempting to get as many as necessary within your work time. This allows you to concentrate on your posture & become acclimated to the activity.

You can make the sequences like :

1-Cardio HIIT workouts: 45-60 seconds
Rest: 20-30 seconds

2-Core HIIT workouts: 45-60 seconds
Rest: 20-30 seconds

3-Lower-body HIIT workouts: 45-60 seconds

Rest 20-30 seconds

4-Upper-body HIIT workouts: 45-60 seconds
Rest: 20-30 seconds

This implies that if you use the 30-second exercise interval, every round will take you only five minutes, as well as the 60-second workout interval will take you only six and a half minutes max.

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Let’s discuss some effective HIIT workouts


Burpees are a two-part workout that consists of a push-up followed by an air jump. Burpees utilise all of your shoulders and are mostly used to improve lats, glutes, biceps, shoulder, triceps, chest and calves.

How do you do Burpees?

Burpees are a simple exercise that requires no equipment or dumbbells. Burpees are performed by getting into a half squat stance and bending down. Maintain a straight spine and place your chest on the ground. Squeeze, frog jump including both legs simultaneously, & then start jumping by lifting your hands up in the air.

High Knees

High Knees is also another simple workout that does not need the use of any exercise machines. High knees helps to develop all of the leg muscles and elevate your heart rate, which promotes effective synchronisation & flexibility.

How to Perform High Knees?

To do High Knees, spread your legs to hip width & then elevate your lower leg over your chest, repeating with the second leg at a running pace. One must also try performing the workout with the arms outstretched and your knees touching their palms.

Lunge jumps

Lunge jumps are a more enhanced form of the running lunge exercise. Trying to jump high up in the air & changing to the other foot forward before landing is part of the workout. This exercise uses minimal weight lifting equipment & burns a lot of calories. This also contributes to increasing your heart rate.

How Do Lunge Jumps Work?

Lunge Jumps are performed by standing with your feet at most feet shoulder – width away. Step forward towards one leg, keeping your back straight. Gently bend your leg & lower yourself, making sure your leg is parallel to the floor. Then, at the end of the exercise, hop and place the other foot forward & repeat the motion.

Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks, also known as side-straddle hops, are a full-body workout that could be done practically anywhere as no workout equipment is required.

How the Jumping Jacks Work?

To begin Jumping Jacks, walk straight with your legs at minimum hip-width spread. Keep your neck relaxed & your focus straight ahead. Then leap and spread your feet sideways. Place your hands upwards above your head the whole time. Continue the steps by doing the same.


It’s not simple to climb mountains! So what if the mountains flatten out? That is, after all, the reasoning for the Mountain Climbers workout. To give the impression that you are ascending a mountain while standing on the ground.

This workout is well renowned for its several advantages, including increased aerobic endurance & speed. Mountain Climber, once again, works out the entire body.

How Would Mountain Climbers Work?

Get into the Single arm plank posture to do Mountain Climbers. Make very sure your hands are somewhat broader than your neck. Raise your right leg to your body without raising your hips. Finally, push it back & add another foot. Then continue the workout repeatedly.

Without thinking anything, make your cardio HIIT workout plan and do it regularly for a healthy and fit body.


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